In the following links you will find our current catalogues on the main areas of conveyor technology, storage and operating equipment and protective systems as PDF files.

General Downloads

» Success in stock (PDF document, approx. 2.24 MB)

Focus on conveyor technology

» Individual conveyor technology (Document, approx. 1.26 MB)
» Pallet and unit load conveyors(PDF document, approx. 1014.46kB)

Focus on storage and operating equipment

» Storage technology – individual and convincing (PDF document, approx. 7.87 MB)
»Storage solutions from A-Z (PDF document, approx. 54 MB)
» Forum Operation (PDF document, approx. 21.2 MB)
» Cantilever racking Cantipal (Document, approx. 6.4 MB)
» Galvanised Shelving (PDF document, approx. 5.48 MB)
» Pallet racking type SL (PDF document, approx. 2.11 MB)
» Cable drum storage (PDF document, approx. 6.6 MB)

Focus on protective systems

» Flyer customised protective grids (PDF document, approx. 2.12 MB)
» Catalogue Protective equipment for machines and systems (PDF document, approx. 6 MB)

In order to simplify your planning, you will find our project planning guides for the main areas of storage technology on the following links

» Project planning guide for Stockpal and Minipal (PDF document, approx. 65.49 kB)
» Project planning guide for Cantipal (PDF document, approx. 91.42 kB)
» Project planning guide for shelving units (PDF document, approx. 64.2 kB)

To view or print PDF files, you need the free Adobe Reader. Click here here to download Adobe Reader.

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