Pietig goes Poland

Pietig goes Poland

Derzeit beschäftigt uns ein Großauftrag aus dem Nachbarland Polen. Für einen großen international tätigen Spanplattenhersteller sägen, schleifen, schweißen und lackieren wir eine große Regalanlage, die komplett von uns projektiert wird.

The warehouse is a cantilever rack, which is operated fully automatically by means of a stacker crane. The rack consists of 7 levels and includes a total of 920 cantilever arms of type IPE-120 – this results in a length of 72 m and a height of 8.7 m. The cantilever rack supports are positioned at an axial grid of 1075 mm. Finished laminated worktops are stored up to 3 deep.

For this order, the machinery in our new hall could be fully utilized – a project that excited the entire team at pietig until completion and assembly on site.

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