Pallet racks

Pallet racks

Racking systems for heavy palletized goods and containers

This powerful, durable and easy-to-install system features a comprehensive range of frames and pallet support beams that are precisely selected and combined to safely, efficiently and cost-effectively meet the load requirements of any storage need.

The system complies with the latest German and European safety regulations. Regular checks ensure high and constant material quality. After production, a phosphate coating is applied to column profiles and the truss profiles. This is followed by a coating of electrostatically applied EPOXY polyester powder, which is baked in the oven at 200°C and ensures optimum corrosion protection and first-class surface finish.

Support frame lengths can be manufactured from one piece up to 14,000 mm. The support frames have a width of 85/110 mm and are perforated at a pitch of 50 mm. Eight support profiles are produced, which can support loads of up to 30 t in the frame composite.

Single-position storage is possible, as is a bay width of up to 5,000 mm. Eight crosshead profiles are produced with two different suspension lugs (with two or three suspension knobs). Compartment loads up to approx. 6 t with evenly distributed load and L/200 can be supplied.

From our racking profiles, we realize the most diverse types of storage such as drive-IN racking, flow racking, mobile racking, high-bay racking (also for fully automatic storage and retrieval systems), up to multi-level platform systems. Inform yourself in our product brochures about the possibilities and areas of application of our racks.

Schematic diagram of the pallet racks
Depth supports for transverse storage of pallets

Lattice box support for storage of lattice boxes

Coil/barrel supports for supporting cylindrical objects

Bottom blocks secure the entry clearance for forklifts loading non-palletized goods

Chipboard for non-palletized goods, also as fall-through protection

Gratings for non-palletized goods, water-permeable for fire protection purposes

Sheet steel panels, for non-palletized goods, also as fall-through protection

Push-through guards prevent pallets from being pushed through inadvertently

Corner ram protection according to BGR234

Post ramming protection

Post protection

Pipe ramming protection

Guide rails for forklift trucks for precise guidance of the forklifts working in narrow aisles between the rows of shelves

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