Used shelves and accessories

Different rack equipment as well as protection devices for the pallet racks are also part of our product portfolio:

  • Depth support (for transverse storage of pallets)
  • Grid box support
  • Coil/barrel support (for supporting cylindrical objects)
  • Underblocking (for non-palletized goods)
  • Chipboard, gratings, sheet steel panels (as supports for non-palletized goods and as a fall-through protection or for fire protection purposes).
  • Slide-through protection (prevent pallets from sliding through the compartment)
  • Shelf cladding in various designs (e.g. as protective grating, solid sheet, etc.)
  • Forklift guide rails
  • Impact protection (against lateral or frontal damage to the rack profiles), e.g. as collision protection (in L-/U-shape), impact protection (V-shape), pipe impact protection (for single/double rack rows)

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