Storage and commissioning platforms

Storage and commissioning platforms

Storage platforms as steel construction platforms

The available storage space in production, in the warehouse or in the sales room can be doubled quickly and easily with free-standing storage platforms. Steel storage platforms offer the best technical and economical solution.

A storage platform can be used in different ways:

  • As additional storage space
  • As a platform for multi-storey racking systems
  • As a production area
  • For offices or social rooms

The storage platforms are planned and manufactured according to customer-specific requirements. The height, width, loads and support grid are determined on a project-specific basis.

The supports and girders are full-walled steel profiles; the structural stiffening of the steel construction platform is achieved by frame formation and makes disturbing diagonal bracing superfluous.

Multi-storey systems

We manufacture our multi-storey systems from pallet racks, wide-span racks, shelf racks or cantilever racks. The customer’s requirements and the stored goods determine the design.

User-oriented planning

Each multi-storey system is designed according to the customer’s individual requirements. Modern planning methods and CAD systems support this realisation process. For the client, this makes the implementation of his requirements transparent and clear.

Additional storage platforms or conveyor technology can be planned and offered on a project-specific basis. A coordinated system concept ensures optimal integration for the desired logistics solution.

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