Wide-span shelving

Wide-span shelving

Minipal is the ideal system for goods that are too large for normal shelving and too light for pallet racking.

Minipal is a tried and tested, low-cost shelving system that can be individually adapted to the customer’s needs thanks to its high flexibility. It can be used for simple upright shelving, high-bay shelving systems (also automated) as well as for multi-storey systems or stage construction.

The 6-fold edged frame profiles can be manufactured up to 9,200 mm in one piece. The frames are bolted and the trusses are hooked in. The frame profile is 50 mm wide and perforated in a 50 mm grid. The lateral perforation in the profile allows the insertion of shelf supports type Europal. The crossbars for holding the shelves have an overall height of 72 mm and are manufactured without weld seams using the cold rolling technique (like the frames).

Cross beams are produced from 1,000 to 2,000 mm in any desired length. The maximum load per storage level is 850 kg at 1,000 mm length and 520 kg at 2,000 mm length. Chipboard, wooden panels, steel panels, gratings etc. can be used as shelves. The upstand of the crossbars offers shelves up to 22 mm height 100% edge protection.

Schematic representation of the wide racks

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