Automatic racking systems

Automatic racking systems

There are various reasons for setting up an automatic racking system, such as increasing delivery quality, expanding storage capacity or shortening the logistics chain, but there is always a trade-off between optimum space utilisation and space savings.

For effective and economical warehousing we plan and implement

  • Automatic high-bay warehouses (HRL)
  • Automatic small parts warehouses (AKL)

in a system network with storage and retrieval machines (SRM), conveyor technology and other components that efficiently support the material flow, from goods receipt to dispatch provision.

Automatic high-bay warehouses (AS/RS) for space-saving storage of pallets, stacks or other large-volume units in combination with storage and retrieval machines (SRM), adapted conveyor technology and subsequent order-picking stations. They can be operated, for example, by rail-guided storage and retrieval machines (SRMs), which save time during storage and retrieval.

Automatic small parts warehouses (AS/RS) are used to store small-volume units such as cartons or plastic containers with high turnover. The miniload can be designed for single- or multiple-deep storage, for example, and can be designed with complete peripheral conveyor technology, picking stations, dispatch buffers, etc.

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